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Making An Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

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I've traveled thousands of miles in search of knowledge about Izannah Walker dolls. I've taken hundreds of pictures of original Izannah Walker dolls and shared on the Izannah Walker Chronicles while learning. about these wonderful dolls.  I designed a pattern and led several sessions of an online class based on the information in this book.  People who've made the pattern in the class left comments about their experience here.   The pattern consists of making a cloth doll over which a one of a kind clay head is sculpted.  My pattern and the instructions are inspired by Izannah Walker dolls but use modern materials like paperclay.     

I've bundled all the tutorials used in the Izannah Walker Workshop as well as the pattern into a PDF downloadable E-book called Making an Izannah Walker Inspired Doll.  The book has over 107 pages of tutorials using photographs of the doll making process.   I tried to present the information so that if someone were only looking at the pictures they could make the doll.   Here's a peak at the Table of Contents:

And here's a peak at one of the sections 
on sculpting with paperclay:

What skill levels are required to make this doll?

It is best if you have sewing and sculpting experience.  You will be sculpting your own Izannah Walker head using paperclay and looking at inspiration pictures I have provided.  I suggest that people make 3 dolls at the beginning and give themselves permission for their first few dolls to be learning dolls.  Some people did take the now retired Izannah Workshop who had never made a doll and their efforts resulted in some lovely creations.  But sculpting and sewing experience makes it much easier. 

How Do I Buy the Book?

The book is in a PDF file, which can be viewed on your computer.  You can also print a copy for your own personal use. To purchase the e-book, you will click on the "Add to Cart" button below.  This will open a window which allows you to pay for the book through Paypal.   Once you have paid for the book through Paypal it will open up a window with a link to download the book to your computer.  I've tested this a couple of people and it went through fine.

Note:  If you pay by e-check you will not be able to download until your payment has cleared through Paypal.  This can take several days.  If you pay using a credit card, the download link is offered immediately. The E-book is $35.  

Dixie Redmond's Izannah Walker Dress Pattern

This is the dress pattern from my Izannah Walker Workshop as a stand alone PDF electronic pattern.  If you own the Izannah Walker Workshop Doll pattern, you already have this pattern.   

But I had enough people request the dress pattern only that I decided to release it on its own.   This dress pattern fits nicely on a 16" original antique Izannah Walker doll or on reproduction dolls that are in the 16-18" size range. This dress pattern is inspired by the dress worn by this black Izannah Walker doll below: 

Source:   Antique Doll World Sept/Oct 1993 

The PDF pattern has a detailed pictorial tutorial, showing how to make the dress step by step.


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Here are other doll dresses made with the same pattern.  It is a straightforward pattern, but with the addition of contrasting trim strategically placed can present quite differently.  

Dixie Redmond Copyright 2012
Izannah Walker Workshop - Northdixie Designs, all rights reserved

Izannah Walker Workshop

Below are dolls made by members of the 2011 class:  

Dolls made with the pattern by class members

Dixie Redmond 
Copyright 2012
Izannah Walker Workshop - Northdixie Designs
all rights reserved

A Wonderful Belsnickle from the Izannah Walker Workshop Pattern

Mary Bean made this wonderful Belsnickle using the Izannah Walker Workshop pattern.   I love it when people use the pattern in a unique way.  Great job, Mary!

2010 Class Members' Dolls

All Izannah Walker Workshop members who complete a doll will have their name placed in a drawing to win one of my completed dolls made from the workshop pattern.

This self-paced class is ongoing, so come on in and join in the fun!  Here are dolls made by the Spring Class:

Dolls Made by Spring Workshop Members

The Flexibility of the Izannah Walker Workshop Pattern

Elaine McNally is one of the members of the spring Izannah Walker Workshop class. The dolls above were made by Elaine. Her work underscores how the pattern can be used to make a variety of dolls by an inventive mind (in this case, Elaine's). Beautiful job!

How to Make An Izannah Walker Doll

Study and photo original dolls. Measure. Make 17 revisions on the head design. Make 10 leg patterns. Revise the arm 10 times. Make 7 body covering patterns. Finalize. Sweat. OR.....

I've been studying Izannah Walker dolls for over 4 years and have worked very hard to make a pattern used by class members in the slideshow above.  I've invited class members to leave comments below about their experience in the class.