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Dixie Redmond's Izannah Walker Doll Pattern
will be available in the fall of 2012.   Designed in 2009, it was used exclusively in the online class setting.  The class has succesfully continued through 2010 and into August 2011.    Many doll makers have made incredible dolls.  

My pattern includes over 82 pages of detailed pictorial tutorials. To get a sense of the tutorials, click the hand tutorial in the sidebar. Tutorial included in the workshop:
  • sewing and stuffing the doll body (new pattern)
  • making Izannah inspired hand (new pattern)
  • sculpting the head
  • applying stockinette over clay
  • face painting tutorial
  • sewing and attaching the second skin
  • making the clothing (dress and undergarments)
  • ways to soften and age the doll
  • bonus head pattern for making a cloth doll without clay additions
If you want a little more support or camaraderie with other doll makers than a pattern provides, you are welcome to join the Izannah Walker Workshop site  for an $18 yearly automatically renewable subscription.  Think of it as a support group for Izannah-philes.  ;-) 

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