Dixie Redmond's Izannah Walker Dress Pattern

This is the dress pattern from my Izannah Walker Workshop as a stand alone PDF electronic pattern.  If you own the Izannah Walker Workshop Doll pattern, you already have this pattern.   

But I had enough people request the dress pattern only that I decided to release it on its own.   This dress pattern fits nicely on a 16" original antique Izannah Walker doll or on reproduction dolls that are in the 16-18" size range. This dress pattern is inspired by the dress worn by this black Izannah Walker doll below: 

Source:   Antique Doll World Sept/Oct 1993 

The PDF pattern has a detailed pictorial tutorial, showing how to make the dress step by step.


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Here are other doll dresses made with the same pattern.  It is a straightforward pattern, but with the addition of contrasting trim strategically placed can present quite differently.  

Dixie Redmond Copyright 2012
Izannah Walker Workshop - Northdixie Designs, all rights reserved

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